Chalkboard paint and how it can transform your house

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You need a change. Everything around you is changing, the leaves are falling, the landscapes are new, the friends are leaving, lovers are getting closer. In this life change is the only constant. And now you are seeking it. The boredom of the monotony is killing you and instead of changing your hair colour or buying one more new dress, you are dreaming now of something bigger. And right there comes the idea of changing your house. Of course, you would like to. Your house is your home and the home of your soul, as well. And right now in the late-autumn, wintery or early spring time, you are spending the majority of your time in this place, cuddles with your beloved one on the couch with a blanket, hot chocolate and nice old-time favourite on the TV. So million ideas are popping out in your mind, but unfortunately too many of them will cost you all your savings and the salary of that month and no matter how much you love them, you should give up and choose something rational, practical, different new. You don’t need a new night table, you need a new order or why not new walls. The chalkboard paint is your saviour and here are some of its remarkable appliances.

The kitchen

In your early age, you didn’t particularly like this place. The cooking, the dishes, the cleaning, these were all things you preferred not to do at all. But now everything seems far more charming and this room is the one, where magic happens. Cupcakes and roast dinner, time spent together around the oven, morning coffee, late brunch or just a snack. This is the room. But imagine how much lovelier it will be, if you paint one of the walls and turn it into a chalkboard. It would be awesome. There you will write recipes and to-do lists, some quotes that you love, which inspire and brighten your day, and a few more things that will make this home all yours. This wall could be your wall of fame; it could a place for lovely massages or a thing you could turn into art. Pure art.

The bedroom

It could be your child’s bedroom and believe me, if you paint one of the walls there and transform it into a chalkboard, your kid will love you a lot, it will be joyful and happy and in seventh heaven. This will be the place where your little one could develop his creativity and imagination, where he would be able to draw and write. It will be his exhibition and his masterpiece. However, you don’t need to be six, so as to have a chalkboard in your room. This thing could transform your bedroom, as well. Paint the wall behind your bed and draw different stuff according to the season, according to your mood, to the extent of your happiness and inspiration.

Be creative, be you.