How to simulate full house cleaning

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You do not have time to put in order your home and your friends are just coming , we will help you!

The living room

Submit a vacuum cleaner and collect the scattered belongings in a box or basket, wipe at least the lower shelves of cabinets to remove the dirt where it can be seen from human combat.

– Put cushions on the sofa always only one side so that the other can be maintained clean. When you need to imitate cleanliness turn them to the other side, and then bring them back. If you think there is no way not to smudge the two sides hold somewhere a few spare pillows to replace the old, if guests come.

– Clean the couch by the hair of pets when you put rubber gloves, gently wet and go with them on the surface. The wet tire will grip the hair better than a brush, and you can remove them with water.

– The scattered books and magazines stack up against the wall of the pile or put in a decorative wicker basket to be able to enter quickly turn into the room.

– Pull the curtains or blinds drop to hide the dirty windows that are not cleaned long ago.

– If the couch is dirty, put it on a folded blanket, so to hide the stain. Decorative pillows can hide stained upholstery.

The kitchen

Wipe table, kitchen island and counters with a towel and scattered belongings away in cabinets. Wipe the floor or go with a vacuum cleaner.

– If there are dirty dishes in the sink, put them in the dishwasher, but if it is full or no dishwasher in the kitchen, put utensils in a large saucepan and larger vessels put temporarily in a box or cabinet to wash them later.

– To hide the smell of last night’s dinner, boil water in a pan and put the pan in a little nutmeg, orange peels, Clove spice or a little cinnamon. Bring to a boil a few moments to absorb odors and put the pot on the table.

– Clean the surface of the refrigerator by removing all notes and magnets and put them in a plastic bag.

– Fold the tea towel to hide stains on them, and if you want to hide the stains on the upholstery of the chairs, put on one pillow.

The bathroom

Wash the toilet and sink, wipe the mirror, go with cloth the surface.

– Pass on the rug in the bathroom with a roller cleaning clothes to remove pet hair on it.

– If there is such an opportunity, turn less bright lighting, as the bathroom will look cleaner in low light. If you do not have several lamps, replace the bulb with a new one with less power.

– Hang the soft bathrobe to hide hanging hand towels.

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