Housekeeping Tips


  1. Collect old tins, jars, cosmetic containers and powder plastic packs. Wash and dry. Cover the outside of the containers with colored prints or just plain silk fabric. Glue them together smoothly. Decorate the edges with bands of silk or velvet ribbon. Now, you have a collection of cotton wool containers for paper clips and hair pins or as cute flower vases. They are nice and unique as gift candy containers, too. Start your collection now. Your children will enjoy helping you, too.
  2. Don’t throw away styrofoam frames usually used to cushion appliances in their boxes They can be an interesting background for your pin-ups hobby.
  3. Glue a dark shade fabric on its surface. Pick a design or make your original artistic idea. Collect colored pins, buttons and sequins to serve as the main subject of your pin-up.
    This is an interesting way to pass away those monotonous and boring moments. Who knows, you might even discover you have a talent for pin pictures and start a new business at home!

Ease out Ketchup Bottle from a Bottle

To have an even flow of ketchup out from a bottle, insert a drinking straw on it and push it to the bottom. Enough air will be admitted to facilitate its flow.

Beat the Common Cold
A surefire way of treating the common cold: drink 8 glasses of water and 8 glasses of fruit juices every hour without fail. This also helps lower fever or even prevents it.

Ways to find your keys quickly:

■ Fasten keys onto a bangle bracelet that slips on and off your wrist in a hurry.
■ Attach a strip of Velcro inside your purse and another to your keychain.
■ Have the locksmith make a notch or second hole in the house key so it hangs differently on your key chain. With these tactile reminders, you can easily find the key in your purse or in the dark.